Our Services

Since 1975, US Sports Camps has helped countless coaches launch, run, and grow profitable camp businesses that deliver life-changing experiences to kids around the world. We provide expert service in the following areas, freeing you to do what you do best – develop talent.

01. Administrative Support

US Sports Camps manages nearly every administrative task foryour camp, including:

  • Registration: The USSC website and registration software will process your camp enrollments. USSC administrative staff will also answer phone and email inquiries related to camp registration.
  • Parent/Camper Communication: USSC will help directors manage the creation and delivery of important pre- and post-camp information to camper families to ensure a smooth check-in and a great first impression.
  • Roster Management: You will have an account on the USSC Director Portal that enables you to easily access your camp rosters and camper health and release forms, take daily attendance, and more.
  • Camp Preparation: USSC will send important pre- and post-camp reminders to help you and your staff prepare for camp.
  • Customer Surveys: USSC will create and execute post-camp surveys that provide real-time customer feedback.

02. Customer Service

While you’re busy coaching, the trained US Sports Camps customer service team  is on the sidelines making sure campers and parents have a superior experience. Services include:

  • Manage Questions, Complaints, and Logistics: Our team will field customer questions and complaints, as well as support customers with special requests and logistical issues.
  • USSC Customer Portal: Parents and campers will have access to the USSC Customer Portal, which enables them to view their camp enrollments, complete health and release forms, submit payments, and gather important pre-camp information.
  • Roster Management: You will have an account on the USSC Director Portal that enables you to easily access your camp rosters and camper health and release forms, take daily attendance, and more.

03. Marketing

US Sports Camps has an experienced, data-driven digitalmarketing team that understands how to deliver the right message to the rightaudience at the right time. USSC marketing services include:

  • Website Promotion: You will have your own dedicated camp page on USSportsCamps.com, which had over 18 million page views in 2023 .
  • Paid Search & Social: USSC runs targeted national and local digital advertising campaigns across both paid search and social.
  • E-mail Marketing: USSC promotes your camp via dynamic e-mail marketing to a database of highly-engaged customers.
  • Nike Branding: USSC’s long-standing partnership with Nike will bring global visibility and brand credibility to your camp. USSC also provides Nike-branded staff uniforms, camper shirts, and other Nike Camp swag to use as prizes (may vary by camp) .
  • Graphic Design: USSC’s creative team designs print and digital materials specific to your camp (i.e. e-mail templates, postcards, fliers, social media graphics, etc.).

04. Safety & Compliance

With youth activities, safety always comes first. US Sports Camps features experienced staff dedicated to helping you run a safe and compliant camp to protect your business, your staff, and your campers. Our safety & compliance services include:

  • Health & Release Forms: USSC provides legally-drafted camper health and release forms.
  • Staff Clearance: USSC has a staff clearance platform to collect staff waivers and background checks, and deliver abuse prevention training. Our team shares best practices in hiring and training reliable and responsible staff.
  • Incident Reporting & Response: You will be able to quickly report an incident through USSC’s incident report platform. USSC’s Risk Management team also provides comprehensive incident response support and counsel, as well as emergency response resources.
  • Insurance Advice: USSC advises on best practices and recommended providers for camp insurance and liability coverage.
  • Director Resources: USSC provides a timeline with critical actions to complete each month to run a safe and compliant camp. We also provide samples of best-in-class overnight supervision, check-in, and checkout plans, etc.