Camp Director Testimonials

Since 1975, US Sports Camps has helped countless coaches launch, run, and grow profitable camp businesses that deliver life-changing experiences to kids around the world. USSC is versatile enough to support and supercharge any camp business model, no matter how many camps you run or where you run them.

The Comprehensive University Model: Cal Sports Camps

US Sports Camps and the University of California, Berkeley have a multi-year partnership that calls for USSC to be the official provider of every Cal Sports Camp. The benefits to this comprehensive university model include:

USSC x Cal Sports Camps by the Numbers*

Partnering with US Sports Camps has been a game changer for our coaches who operate Cal Sports Camps. Thanks to USSC’s expert service and strategic guidance, our coaches have been able to grow their camp businesses, showcase their programs, and provide an amazing youth camp experience across 17 sports.
– Tom Lowry, Cal Senior Associate Athletics Director, Chief Financial Officer

The Hybrid Model: Nike Sports Camps at the University of San Diego

The University of San Diego (USD) relies on a strong partnership with US Sports Camps to execute a hybrid approach to its summer camp business. Several of USD’s camps are led by Torero coaches, while a handful are run by camp directors with no university affiliation. This hybrid model benefits USD in the following ways:

USSC x University of San Diego Nike Sports Camps by the Numbers

Hosting the Nike Sports Camps at the University of San Diego every summer has been a mutually beneficial experience and the impact extends beyond the athletic realm. The programs bring exposure to our university, enrollment strategy, brand recognition and the local community while contributing to the overall financial contribution to the University of San Diego.
– Andre Mallie, Assistant Vice President, Auxiliary Services & Resource Management - USD

The Comprehensive High School Model: St.Ignatius

St. Ignatius (SI) is a private college preparatory school in San Francisco that runs a robust slate of sports and academic summer camps. With help from US Sports Camps, SI was able to realize the full earning potential of its camp business. Specifically, USSC provided SI with digital infrastructure in the following areas:

USSC x St. Ignatius by the Numbers*

When I became Summer Director at St. Ignatius, I saw the potential to provide an amazing program for kids in the wonderful San Francisco community. But our systems for sign-ups, marketing, and communication were outdated. Collaborating with US Sports allowed us to improve customer service, enhance reporting, and reduce internal staff workload. Thanks to a great teamate USSC, my staff can concentrate on what we do best: teaching, learning, and coaching.
– Bill Gotch, St. Ignatius Director of Strategic Initiatives & Summer Programs

The Club Coach Model: TBD

US Sports Camps’ services extend well beyond high school or college campuses. Youth and club coaches rely on USSC to manage and grow their camp businesses as well. For example, Barry Lynch is a licensed soccer coach who runs Liverpool FC International Academy in Moorestown, New Jersey. Lynch began partnering with USSC in 2021 to run a camp at Moorestown High School. Since then, he’s added another camp in nearby Holmdel, New Jersey, with plans to open two additional locations in 2024. USSC has helped accelerate the growth of Lynch’s camp business by providing strategic guidance, streamlining camper registration, delivering elevated marketing and customer service, and equipping his camps with Nike-branded product.

USSC x St. Ignatius by the Numbers*

US Sports Camps is the perfect partner for our soccer camp program. We feel confident that our players and parents are taken care of by the great support network from the wonderful behind-the-scenes team at USSC, with no stone left unturned when dealing with specific camper needs and requests. USSC helps us manage critical items such as running staff background checks and ensuring player safety and wellness. Their guidance and organization helps our players have pure satisfaction under our tutelage.
– Barry Lynch, Director, Liverpool FC International Academy