You lead your team daily. You need someone to lead your camp year-round. That’s US
Sports Camps.

The demands on coaches today are more intense than ever. Off seasons are shorter, year-round participation is more common place, and in collegiate athletics, developments such as NIL and the transfer portal require increased attention. This leaves little time to build, manage, and grow a camp business.

That’s where US Sports Camps comes in. Since 1975, we have partnered with countless coaches to help them launch, run, and grow profitable camp businesses that deliver life-changing experiences to kids around the world.

When you partner with US Sports Camps, you maintain ownership of your camp business. You will hire, train, and pay your staff, as well as design your instructional program. Our role is to provide a full suite of expert service that frees you to do what you do best – develop talent.  These services include:

01. Administrative Support

We manage all administrative tasks for your camp. This includes processing all camper registrations and payments, creation and collection of camper health and release forms, and pre- and post-camp parent communications.

02. Customer Service

While you’re busy coaching, we’re on the sidelines making sure campers and parents have a superior experience. Our trained customer service team will answer emails and phone calls, help customers register for camp, field questions and complaints, and manage camper logistics.

03. Marketing

Our data-driven digital marketing team understands how to deliver the right message to the right audience at the righttime. We have a proven track record of filling camps through a combination of Google paid search and Meta PPC, organic SEO strategies, email campaigns, social media marketing, and elevated storytelling. Our long-standing partnership with Nike will also lend instant brand equity to your camp.

04. Safety & Compliance

 With youth activities, safety always comes first. To protect yourself, your staff, and your campers, your camps must be safe and compliant with applicable laws. We have experienced staff dedicated to helping with that. We provide and manage camper health and release forms. We deliver a platform for staff waivers, background checks, and abuse prevention training. We also prepare emergency response plans and advise you on the best practices and providers for camp insurance and liability coverage.

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